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released June 10, 2016

All music / lyrics written and recorded by The Blessing of This Curse

Produced / engineered / mixed by Steven Seid
Additional editing by Manny Muniz
Mastered by William Putney
Recorded at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, New Jersey

© The Blessing of This Curse 2016



all rights reserved


The Blessing of This Curse New Jersey

The Blessing of This Curse is a 5-piece metalcore band based out of Bergen County, New Jersey. Their most unrelenting release ‘Emergence’ EP is available now on all digital music providers! Featuring the singles “Quicksand” & “Unconditional,” this latest effort by TBOTC showcases their ability to blend technicality, brutality, and melody in a unique, cohesive way. ... more

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Track Name: The Truth Is Awake
This ends now / I’m taking everything / You should have buried me along with the truth / So you won't see me, won’t mean we lost it all over you / Cause you don't see me, won’t mean that you've got nothing to lose / How do you live, you hopeless cause? / You think you fool me, innocent and lost / Feed me those awful insecurities of past times and the lies I won't believe / I see you / Hide from me, let’s see you hide from the truth / You couldn't leave it / You need it always going your way / I won't believe it / Now you see it quickly throw me away / No one to blame, but you / I knew your fucking worthless intentions now proved wrong, you mother fucking fraud / I won't be judged by the newborn king of self righteousness and witness the rest coming to terms with / Lies inside my mind / The last time / You think you'll win this fight? / I’ll end your fucking life / You’ll get no last chance / Let’s see you tell us how our everything went wrong / Now the truth is awake / And now the truth is awake / I watched the world turn its back on everything that you’ve done / So look me in the eyes and tell me I’m the one who’s wrong / No where to run when you’ve burned every bridge down to the ground / The choices you’ve made, the lies you’ve claimed / These are the ties you cannot break / You can’t, you can’t bury these words because the truth is awake / Slowly devoured as you hear my name / I’ll expose you / You think you live a life consumed by fame / I’ll expose you / Out comes the truth, just try and slander my name / These secrets that you keep are awake for the world to see //
Track Name: Unconditional
Fear me / Lies spread like a plague throughout and poison my promised land / Quick as it came, now you’ve lost all control / Hear these dreams worship this false pretense, but now identified / A new life deemed the unconditional / Never find peace when it only exists in dreams / Mankind lost all control, deemed the unconditional / You’ve been shown, now I have warned you / Truth be shown with how your life unfolds / Liars cry from thieving / Sucked in to sin, but how to justify / Prayers will emancipate this forgiveness unshown / Now it's time, let’s see you lie your rise into the afterlife / Denied paradise, a new life below / Through hell fires you'll roam / Fires in the night swallow everything in sight, and how the demons fill the sky to block out any shred of light / This cannot be right / Doomed to burn in eternal life / Save me, I swear I'll change the life I lead / I can’t believe that you have gone this far to bury yourself into this hell you call home / Wake up / Bring me back from this nightmare / Choose temptation from disgrace that your faced with / This all could have changed if you only headed my words / Make me change from this nightmare / This life bears me never ending happiness / Your temptation misshaped and disgraced you / This all could have changed it you only heeded my words / I can’t believe that you have gone this far to bury yourself into this hell you call home / Why can’t you see that you are out of time? / There’s no turning back / Live in this hell you call home / Welcome home / Save me please / Swear I'll change this unnatural life if you wake me please / Had your chance, a new life and to prove all your innocence / Much too late for your chance to reclaim all your innocence / Lie your mess of a life out of this //
Track Name: Quicksand
Try one last time / It seems you've won, I’ve lost my mind / With all the lies, you’ll never blind / You’ll claim you've changed / I’ve seen the fall, you’re all the same / I won't fall victim to the game / Please get me out if this, love only brings me pain / You’ll never make it alive / You’re an addict to pain / I’ll always hear you cry out my name / You’ll keep drowning / I see the quicker you move, the quicker you prove you have no chance / I’ll watch it eat you alive / No more crying to survive / I still hear you cry out my name / Your first thought when there's no one else to blame / You drive me insane / Why pull me through this? / You know you're just an addict to pain / It’s like quicksand / A misstep and you're buried alive / And I’ll watch you sink down with your hands open wide / I wanna know, I wanna know / Would you ever take it, if I put out my hand? / Close my open arms and rather risk what's left of us / For fake acceptance from the ones you'd rather trust / You run the cycle make it end / Risk what's left / You run the cycle make it end / There is no light above / It’s over, it's over / Live with what you have done / Forever, forever / There is no light above / It’s over, it's over / Die with what you've become / Forever, forever //
Track Name: Naysayers
I’d rather live a life of failure, than waste a moment knowing you'll decide the rest / With the only thing that I have left / You’ll never rescue me / It’s clear what I've come to be / Where’s your will to believe? / How many times do I have to tell you there's no way out? / How will you escape once you have fallen through? / I’ll never waste away or even try to change something that's a part of me / This is my life and I’m here to stay / I thought we shared the same pain / Explained our thoughts are insane / But who could trade that away for how my life I changed? / Embrace, emerge / Hang on to every word / I’ve been here waiting so explain how you're the best of the worst / Can’t you see? / Why can’t you see? / You’ll never make it out / Forgive my ignorance / For my intentions will outlive the rest / Now I never would have second guessed / For a moment of fame is what you'll call your best / And now I know I’ll never feel the last time knowing I’m another victim of countless lies / I’ve become the fear in their eyes / How could I become a target in their minds? / You will never see the fall / I will not ever touch the ground / Combined your weight will never pull me down / You will never see the fall / I will not ever touch the ground / Combined your weight will not pull me down / Even if the hate won't cease / It’s a faint reminder who's incomplete / When it all comes crashing down piece by piece / There’s no way out, there's no way you'll prove / What’s come of you just denying the truth / How will you escape once you've fallen through? //
Track Name: Emergence
Don’t ever hold me to expectations of the past, you see, or explanation of my past beliefs / Even if you'll never take it / Forget the last time / To explain what's gone through my mind / I know I'll have to trust / I’ll put it past for us even if I have to fake it / You know you're never gonna see me fall / I won't lose it all for you / I’ll never get another chance to lose / And I know it might be hard to see / It’s truly killing me / To be something I might not be cut out to be, but it's something that I'll have to prove / So trust in me, don’t walk away / Cause we are better off this way / I see the fear in your eyes / Our past won’t die / So you can think you throw it all behind / To leave a mark on everything / Like scars left carved in the skin / This is my revival / I’ll never give you the chance to make me think I’ll fear the rest / I've seen a brand new side of me glance back from the mirror / And now I know the chance might not get any clearer / Or hear a new voice warning me the path to stay clear of / I’m near the edge / The dim lit dawn of our new era / And when I ask myself why / Do I even try? / I realize my dreams are still clearly in sight / And I won’t be the reason why that this will die / I’ll still be here / The last one standing every time / Now you all hear me / This isn’t over you’ll see / I’m just a lost soul, clouded mind when I lose control / I’ll never be the leader they expect me to be / Will I be free to choose for me, how I come to be? / This is my one chance, no second glance / It’ll be too far for me to ever see / There’s no looking back / Feels like a full blown attack / Shot down hopes / You think you knew all from day one / Acting like we’ll all go the same way / Cause they say you know you’re never gonna make it / I’ve felt it for the hundredth time / No reason why I’d lose my mind over countless lies / For I am no longer caught up in the webs we’ve weaved / Retracing our steps to find the unseen / Emergence, I come to be / You have everything that is left of me //